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Who we are and what we can do for you

I’m Doug Smart. Since 1990 I have shown people worldwide how to discover and use their personal strengths for success in business. If you are a business owner or senior manager I can show you how to take the gamble out of hiring and promoting by knowing the strengths of others.

Never again be stung by someone who turns out to be a poor choice. You can know with confidence BEFORE you hire or promote if a job candidate has the right combination of personal strengths for the job. Being able to accurately predict employee performance in 100+ areas gives you a powerful advantage. It creates a win/win for both you and the employee.

Our system is called the AEPS System® (Assess and Evaluate Personal Strengths System®). Click to see if you qualify for a free “test drive.”



How can I “take the gamble out”?

We believe in this simple wisdom: Look before you leap. Our AEPS System® accurately measures 100+ vital areas of personal strengths so you know BEFORE you hire or promote how a person will perform in different job scenarios. It is a win/win for you and the job candidate(s).

What is the process?

It is as easy as 1-2-3.


1. We work with business owners and senior level people who want to hire or promote someone. If that is you, we give you a link and pass code so the person you are thinking of hiring or promoting can go online and complete a series of assessments in about 15 minutes.


2. Instantly a highly detailed 70 page report is emailed to you, the decision maker. You can see the personal strengths of the job candidate in 100+ vital areas. This allows you to see if the person is an excellent fit for the job. If there are several job candidates, all can be tested and compared “apples to apples” so you make the best choice.


3. What if you don’t have time to read 70 pages of information? We will personally walk you through the reports via phone or Skype. We’ll point out the most important measures for the job. And we can answer your toughest questions. The system is accurate, fast and easy. Our clients are all over the world. The testing can be done in 40 languages (although we only speak English when we debrief reports). You can take the gamble out no matter where you or your branch locations do business in the world.


How accurate are the reports?

The process is scientifically designed, tested, and it is validated and re-validated for accuracy. You get objective information. When we use the same assessment reports for career coaching, clients routinely tell us they are stunned by both the accuracy and precise detail of the reports. See for yourself.


How is the AEPS System® better than the old tried-and-true system of resumes, interviews and references? 

Resumes, interviews and references serve a purpose and we recommend you continue to use them. But they have three big flaws which the AEPS System® makes up for.


1. They are based on the past. They cannot tell you how a person will perform in the future. (Maybe, for example, someone had a huge success in the past but in the future doesn’t have the same drive to duplicate that success in a new job, in a new team environment and with new customers.) The AEPS System®  will spot that.


2. They can be manipulated — people don’t always tell the truth on resumes, during interviews or when giving references.  If a test-taker tries to manipulate the AEPS System®, it will spot inconsistencies and will deliver low scores on the Personal Talent & Skills Inventory portion of the report, e.g. the test taker spoils his or her own scores.


3. They give you subjective, not objective, information. That means, they are based on feelings (“Jan’s resume looks good; I feel she has the experience we need.” “Did you get a good vibe in Jack’s interview? I did.” “Saurya’s references all said good things about her so I feel she’ll be good for us, too.”). The AEPS System®  is objective; it is not based on feelings.


What is included in the price?

The price includes a live phone or Skype conversation with you that walks through the candidate(s) reports. Being a live consultation, you can ask tough questions to make certain you are getting the best person for the job. FYI: The debriefing calls are usually 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the questions you have.


What does the guarantee cover?

If you are not satisfied, we will cancel or refund your most recent invoice.

Please note: Since we started this business in 1990, NO ONE has asked for a refund on any service we provide. We are confident you will be happy with our services, too.


I think I would like to discover the personal strengths of every member of our company, or department, or team. Is that possible?

Yes. Contact us to get information on how to do that.


Can you teach our in-house staff to administer the AEPS System®? Is there a Train-the-Trainer program?

Yes. Contact us to get information on how to do that.


How do we get started?

Contact us today.